About Us


In 2010 (Winchester) Storm Basketball Organization began its journey by the hard work and dedication of Mr. Norman Blowe, Jr.  His main goal was to provide affordable sports/family entertainment to the community and give basketball players the opportunity to continue their basketball careers in a setting that could also provide a foundation for possible advancement in the basketball world; be it overseas play, NBA D League or yes even the NBA!

The Storm Organization

The Storm Organization is used as the platform for our Storm Basketball Team, Jr. Storm Program and Stormettes Dance Team.  The Organization strives to be a vital part of the local community.  The Organization helps inspire and teach youth and young adults the importance of education, setting goals, hard work and dedication, as well as the importance of good health through our different programs.  Our fundraisers, charity games, clinics and camps, goals and aspirations continue to move in the positive direction we strive for.

The Virginia Storm Basketball Team

The Virginia Storm Basketball Team is formally the Winchester Storm Basketball Team; The Winchester Storm had been representing the city of Winchester for over 6 years and we have been very fortunate to have built a strong foundation for our team. As the team continues to grow, advance and build, we realize the importance of continuing the growth process especially because of our decision to move the team into a more competitive & tenured league like the ABA. In order to accomplish these goals we felt it was time to broaden our exposure and move to the much larger area like Loudoun County. The Loudoun County area is a an area of continued growth, be it area or population, this is the perfect location to carry on the goals of the Storm basketball Team.

ABA Info

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The history of the American Basketball Association is almost as colorful as the iconic red, white and blue ball which represents it. Celebrating it’s 50th year Anniversary, the original ABA was formed in 1967 and lasted 10 seasons prior to merging four of its teams into the NBA. They were the Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets, New Jersey Nets and San Antonio Spurs. The lead attorney for the ABA during the merger was one of the Indiana Pacers co-founders and Commissioner of the ABA, Dick Tinkham, an Indianapolis attorney. Opposing counsel was David Stern, who was later to become the NBA Commissioner.The original ABA did not have national television, national radio and today’s digital media. What it did have was the mystique of the ABA- featuring it’s red, white and blue ball, 3 point shots, wide open style of play including slam dunks (and the introduction of the first Slam Dunk Competition), and a remarkable group of players. The ABA produced some of the greatest players of the 20th century- Dr J, George Gervin, Spencer Haywood, Connie Hawkins, Dan Issel, Roger Brown, David Thompson, Mel Daniels, Moses Malone, Marvin Barnes and many others. In fact, 50% of the NBA All Star team in the first year of the merger were ABA players.Today, the ABA has nearly 1000 players competing at the professional level, over 200 coaches and over 200 officials. It is made up of former NBA players, NCAA Div 1 and 2 players, McDonalds All Americans, international players, and is the platform for sending off many players to international teams. At 50 years, the ABA will continue to grow as it continues to form valuable ties with basketball governing bodies, and grows its number of teams. Network coverage is set to broaden, as is the fan base and merchandising. Big things are in store for the ABA, and the red, white and blue ball is set to be around for a long time to come.

The Junior Storm Program

The Junior Storm Program is our youth program for males and females ages 7yrs-15yrs.  This program will give the youth the opportunity to work towards current and future life and basketball goals, while teaching the importance of education, hard work, friendships, interpersonal skills and individual responsibilities needed in order to follow through on a path of adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

The Stormettes

The Stormettes is our Professional Dance team that was formed in 2013 to help our basketball team bring the excitement of the game to our community as well as help with local fundraising events and community outreach programs events. These ladies spend their daytime either working toward an educational goal or having a full time career. They are passionate individuals who strive to perfect their dance moves through weekly practices and workouts.